Tuesday, November 6, 2012


In common life, a woman will find a man to get married. What a man can offer her? Security? Wealth? Happily-ever-after-life a prince can get for a princess? MAYBE. And a man, what will he seek in a woman? A housewife? A mother of his child? Anymore? :::: But I am not just a woman. I have more roles. I am a slave of Him, a fighter in His way. I have to put Allah in my existence, remembering Him every day. I chose that way to live. In a sentence, my life must be attached to Him. If there’s a man want to take me in his life, his redha of letting me to live like that is all I need. At last, a man can only get my respect or ‘goodbye’ words prepared for him. Just to let you know, I want Allah to be my number one and I’m still working for it.InsyaAllah.. Please don’t tear apart this dream. Support me as I am a woman+slave+fighter =) --addawaa’--

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